DIY: Glass Bottle Decor

I’m having lot of fun turning the glass bottles into pretty decors lately. So here’s another glass bottle decor DIY which is super easy and all you need is just a couple of material.   Material Required:  Glass Bottle CD Scissors Strong Glue Acrylic Paint to color the bottle (If required)   1. Clean and […]

DIY:Cute Paper Gift Box

I like making gift boxes, there are so many ways to decorate and pack gifts then why not use them? Today again I’m posting  paper gift box DIY. Material Required: Cardstock/ Any thick paper Patterned paper Pencil Ruler Pair of Scissors  Glue Double sided foam tape Ribbon and other decoration material 1. Take A4 size cardstock […]

DIY: Easy wallhanging.

Empty spaces on wall can be covered with some wall decors.  I made a  small elephant wallhanging, it’s really easy and super cute.    Material Required:                            Cardstock/ Thick paper of different colors Xacto knife/ Cutter Scissors Glue  Lace Sketch pens and other […]

DIY: Glass Bottle Lamp

Got glass bottles lying around?? Let’s put them to use.             No I don’t mean filling water in them, how about turning the bottle into a pretty decorative lamp? Here I’m using a wine bottle to make a decorative lamp piece and it’s easy.   Material required: A glass bottle Acrylic paints […]

DIY: Pillow Gift Box

Do you love wrapping gifts? Well’ll definitely love trying this out.  Wrapping gifts at home is such a delight and also cheaper than buying from the store. Today let’s make these cute and pretty paper Pillow Gift Boxes, they can be made with easily available material…so let’s get started..! Material needed: Cardstock/Craft-paper. scissors. CD/ A round jar […]