DIY: Pillow Gift Box

Do you love wrapping gifts? Well’ll definitely love trying this out. 


Wrapping gifts at home is such a delight and also cheaper than buying from the store. Today let’s make these cute and pretty paper Pillow Gift Boxes, they can be made with easily available material…so let’s get started..!

Material needed: IMG_20150709_204719531
CD/ A round jar lid.
Non-working pen(for scoring)

1. Take a cardstock or thick craft paper then fold it leaving just a little space in the end to create a flap as shown in the image.

IMG_20150709_195521505 IMG_20150709_195616843

2. Glue that flap and join both ends of the cardstock.                                                                                                                          IMG_20150709_201034371

3. Now it’s time to score which will turn this into a pillow box. Take the CD or a round lid as shown below and your tool for scoring (in my case the ‘Non- working pen’). Use a little soft surface while scoring as it’ll be more effective and easy. I have just used a soft cover book.


4.  After scoring,using the CD round the corners by cutting them off your card stock, now your work should look like this.



5. Now if your paper is plain it’s time for you to decorate ! If you use a patterned paper it’s optional. I decorated mine with a rub on sticker.


6. Last step- fold all the scored edges towards inside


 7. The Pillow Git Box is now ready.


I can’t wait to gift these boxes….. I hope you enjoy making them.

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Last Modified on August 23, 2015
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2 thoughts on “DIY: Pillow Gift Box

  1. Purnima

    Heyy loved these n dey r easy to make! Thanks for this!!

  2. Renuka

    This is a great idea I will surly try this out .

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