DIY: Easy wallhanging.

Empty spaces on wall can be covered with some wall decors.  I made a  small elephant wallhanging, it’s really easy and super cute. 


Material Required:  IMG_20150716_152906702_Fotor                         

  • Cardstock/ Thick paper of different colors
  • Xacto knife/ Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • Lace
  • Sketch pens and other decorating material (as you wish)


Step 1. Gather all the material.

Step 2. On a cardstock cut out the elephant shape and use it further as stencil. You can find on the internet many silhouette images of elephant just print it out. You could also use any other shape for your wallhanging like Camel, Owl, Star there are lot of things.

I first printed elephant shape on cardstock  and cut it out, then used it as stencil on other colored cardstocks.


Step 3. Cut 2 piece of each color. Depending on how long you want it to be cut those many pieces.

I made mine with 10 elephants therefore I cut 20 pieces.


Step 4. Now start decorating 1 piece of each color as per your wish. I decorated each different- some with glitter, some with sketch pen etc.



Step 5. Now take the blank piece and apply glue over it and then place the lace in the centre on glued piece leaving some lace at the top.


Step 6. Over this glued piece now place the decorated piece and press evenly everywhere.


Step 7. Leave some space below the 1st elephant and repeat the process with other pieces and let it dry well.



Step 8. Now take the top end of the lace and make a loop of it and glue it/tie it so you can hang your wallhanging.


Step 9. Your cute and easy wall hanging is ready, cover the empty space/corner of your wall.



I also put some lighting around it,this makes it looks pretty !





I hope you liked this DIY and you soon make one for your wall.


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Last Modified on September 23, 2015
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