Colorful paper fruit art DIY

Here is a super easy DIY to cover your empty wall spaces. It’s colorful,looks good, easy to make and all the material  needed is easily available.CYMERA_20150808_160808[2]



PaperMaterial required-

Colorful papers  

White Cardstock/thick sheets 







1. Take one white sheets and draw apples, a pineapple,carrots and their respective leaves Then cut these shapes out of the sheet.Shapes

2. Fill the leaves of carrot and pineapple with glitter. I used gold glitter for pineapple leaves and silver glitter for carrot leaves.

3. Now from the colored sheets cut strips measuring 1″ .Strip



4. Draw the following triangle pattern on the strips and cut out those triangle.triangle

4. Stick those triangles on the fruit shapes as shown in the picture.





5. Then turn over the shape and cut the triangles hanging out of he shape this will give perfect shape.cut

7. Take a thick white sheet cardstock and stick these colorful fruits on it.  There, your paper fruit art is ready !





I put these up on the wall an the really stand out on a white background. Ofcourse,you could frame and put it on your wall, place it on your desk, cover you notebooks, journals or even use it on greeting cards.Fruits art









Hope you enjoyed this DIY. If you make one please share it with me on instagram or facebook.




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