Easy handmade bookmarks.

Today I’m here with easy handmade bookmarks DIY. The other day I was thinking what be a good thing to gift someone who loves to read and is very particular about maintaining the books and Bookmarks.? And there….was the answer…Bookmarks!
Anything that is handmade has a special value and importance so why not gift handmade,cute,pretty bookmarks, right?
This post contains how to make bookmarks. Here are my experiments on bookmarks.


Material Required:bookmark

  • White Card stock
  • Colored Foam Sheet of your choice
  • Sketchpens/ Markers
  • Pencil
  • Xacto knife/Scissors
  • Glue


1. Draw a giraffe on your card stock. If you like to draw and are are good at drawing you may draw the giraffe and if you do not want to draw freehand you could trace it from a picture or directly take a printout of the picture.

I drew a very easy giraffe, you can see below in the image how I drew it. (Sorry for the picture quality, I drew with pencil that’s why it is so light)Bookmark

2. Now take your xacto knife and cut out the giraffe.

3. After cutting out the giraffe,take your sketchpens/markers and color it how you want it to look. I used orange,yellow,brown shades as they are the original colors of giraffe.




4. Now keep it on the foam sheet and draw an outline around it very freely with some distance and the cut out the shape. As you  can see below in the image.



5. Take your scissors and cut along the outline you made on foam sheet.

6. Now simply apply the glue and paste your Giraffe cut out on the foam sheet in centre. I used foam sheet as it provides base, support,also makes the bookmark durable and looks good as well.

A  cute and easy to make Bookmark is ready.bookmarkbookmark

These other bookmarks you see in the pic, I made them using the same method as above only that I gave them a stick. I used a piece of card stock to make the stick, folded it 3 times and glued it so it becomes thick and gives good support.


If you do not want to draw there are other options like printing out the picture or tracing it from any picture. Also you can use stencil or directly cut out an image you like from an old book,magazine or a newspaper.


  • This  I made using a stencil. Simply dab the color on the stencil with a foam brush, cut it and paste it on the foam sheet. Then cut out the shape from the foam sheet. Bookmark is ready.  bookmark


  • You could also use sticker. I used a heart shape sticker, stuck it on the foam sheet and cut it out. Finally, punched a hole at the bottom of the heart and tied a ribbon. CYMERA_20150823_110226_Fotor_Fotor_Collage



  • Lastly, you could also try this. I cut rectangular pieces from card stock and just doodled on them. Inspiration for these came from Youtube channels.CYMERA_20150823_114223_Fotor_Fotor_Collage


I hope you liked my post on how to make bookmarks. If you make bookmarks inspired from this do share it with me on facebook or instagram you’ll find the links at the bottom of the page and also you may leave comments below. Happy Sunday ! 🙂

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