Decoupage a Table Top.

I had an old wooden table  used as a corner or side table and always was used with a tablecloth. I’m not a fan of tablecloths every time someone spills something on it it has to be changed. Isn’t it better just to wipe it of?  I decided to give the table a makeover also I wanted  it to be in budget, so what better than decoupage? To list down few advantages of decoupage- 1. in budget; 2. can be easily customised with your favourite photos,designs,prints etc. ; 3. water resistant surface and most advantageous 4. anybody can do it.

Here is how I decoupaged my table.

Material required:

  • Table
  • White and Bright Yellow acrylic color (or any color of your choice)
  • Mod Podge
  • Flat brush and foam brush
  • Scissors 
  • Printouts of the design. 


  • First of all clean the table top and if it is uneven sand it to make it smooth and plain.


  • Paint the table top with white acrylic paint using a foam brush and if required give more coats of paint allowing it to dry for 15 minutes between each coat. I gave 2 coats of the paint.Decoupage tab


  • Now collect the designs and patterns you want on your table top. You could use any photos, stickers or take printouts from the internet like I did. It’s good to use the design in patches as it’ll be easier to paste them and will give a smooth final result.Decoupage table


  • Take all the your papers/patches and arrange them in the position you want on the table top. You don’t want to start pasting directly as even a small mistake may spoil your final result, it’s better to be sure with the design before you start pasting the papers.Decoupage table


  • Once done with arranging pick up the paper one by one and apply mod podge onto the tabletop and paste the paper. I loved using a thick flat brush for applying the mod podge, it gave good coverage and spread the mod podge evenly.Decoupage table


  • After pasting all the papers it’s time to seal it with mod podge. Using the flat brush apply a generous layer of mod podges evenly on the full surface. Give atleast 3 coats of mod podge to get professional finish allowing it to dry for 30 minutes between each coat, I gave 4 coats. Decoupage table


  • For second coat of mod podge take very little  bright yellow acrylic color and mix it with mod podge and apply it to the corners and edges of the table and randomly on the surface. Doing this will give more natural effect and everything will appear to be a part of the tabletop. I used Yellow color as my design had yellow flowers and more of yellow and orange shades you could use any other color depending on the color scheme of your design.Decoupage tableDecoupage table


  • A beautiful table designed by you is ready.

Decoupage tableDecoupage tableDecoupage tableDecoupage table

Decoupage is a good solution to give make over to old things. The best part about it is you don’t really need anyone else to work on it,you could do it your self (DIY) and is very inexpensive.

I hope you liked this DIY and if you try it don’t forget to share with on facebook and instagram #prettydecoupage.

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3 thoughts on “Decoupage a Table Top.

  1. Very nice…

  2. What can we use instead of mod podge? Where can we get it?

    • Raisa

      You can use any decoupage glue. You can buy mod podge at hobby ideas shop and online you can buy at hobby ideas online store or

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