Easy Handmade Notebooks

Hand Made notebooks DIY
Notebook iconMake your own notebooks in no time. These are very easy to make. You could make them in sets of 2,3 or 5 they would make great hostess gifts or return gifts for children’s birthday parties.


Material required:

  • Blank white papers
  • Patterned paper (for cover)
  • Thread and needle/ ribbon
  • Scissors/cutter


1. Trim the white blank pages to size 8″x 11″.

2. Trim the patterned paper to the size slightly bigger to the white pages (for the cover).Notebook


3. Fold the white pages into half one by one,then open the folds and stack them up. To make one notebook use at least 10 pages so when folded it will make 20 pages per book. Notebook


4. Fold the cover page in half and open it, fit in the white pages inside the cover.



5. Take needle and a thread of good color as it’ll be shown on the cover, secure the end of the thread with a knot. Pierce the needle from the inside at one end of the note book and pull it out from the front. Next pierce the needle on the other end from outer side and pull it out from the inside. Refer the image below.IMG_20151120_123750696_Fotor_Fotor_Collage_Fotor


6.Again pierce the needle just below the first hole you made and pull it out from the outer side, then  insert the needle in the hole just above from where you pulled it out. Pull the needle from the inside and secure it with a knot. (Refer the image)IMG_20151120_124134376_Fotor_Fotor_CollageNotebook


7. Notebook is ready. Isn’t it really easy ? And it hardly takes any time.Notebook


If you don’t want to use a needle and thread there is even easier way to bind the notebook.

Follow these steps:

1. Punch two wholes through the pages in centre( on the spine of book)

2. Take a ribbon of your choice and insert it through those holes from the inside.Notebook


3. Pull out the ribbon from the outer side and tie a big knot. Trim the excess ribbon. A big knot gives a very pretty look.Notebook

NotebookYou can decorate these notebooks theme wise with embellishments or stickers for Christmas, Birthdays and more !



I hope you liked this DIY and if you make them do share it with me on instagram and facebook.




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Last Modified on November 21, 2015
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