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I’m posting today after quite long actually I was busy with my exam and other stuff. Today I’m sharing a table top makeover which is actually an experiment I tried. I had an old table it’s top was of fibre kind of material I decided to give it a new and fresh look so I could use it in my room. For this project I used whatever material I already had and didn’t spend  any extra money on it, I was unsure if it’ll work with these materials or not but it did!

Material for stencil:

  • OHP sheet
  • X-acto knife
  • Design’s printout

Other material :

  • Asian wall paints- Sky blue and Cream.
  • Flat/ Foam brush and Roller brush
  • Stencil
  • Mod Podge


♦ Place OHP sheet on design’s printout and cut through with X-acto knife to make your stencil. I chose hibiscus flower design.



♦ Wipe and clean the table well.



♦ Paint the full table top with Skyblue color, you could use any combinations of your choice. I used flat and foam both brushes to paint. Give at least 2 coats of paint to feel the richness of your color. My color looked really rich and royal I painted 3 coats of it.2


♦ Let it dry completely so there’s not much stickiness otherwise the paint’s coat can come off from your table when you put  OHP stencil on your table.


♦ Place stencil in your desired position on the table top, dip partially your roller brush in cream paint and roll it over the placed stencil. Try not to take much paint on the brush otherwise paint will leak through the edges of your stencil and spoil your design.



♦ Repeat this to cover the full surface with the design. Give finishing touches if required.




♦ Now take Mod podge and apply generously on to this table top and give at least 3 coats of it. I wanted a glossy finish and also wanted to seal the paint and prevent it from scraping of so I decided to experiment with mod podge gloss as I already had it with me and it worked for me.




Tip: Do this project outdoor in good dry weather this will prevent your work from getting sticky and will dry soon. 

I placed this by the window of my room and it added good color and grace to my room.






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6 thoughts on “Table Top Makeover

  1. Wow…This is brilliant. You did a great job!!

    • Raisa

      Thank you Sana.

  2. Purnima G

    Really good makeover!! I like your projects always..

    • Raisa

      Thank you..!

  3. Shubhangi Deshmukh

    Beautiful makeover

  4. Maintain the awesome work !! Lovin’ it!

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