Homemade Stamps

It’s really easy to make your own stamps. I have tried stamping with various objects like round bottle caps, potato, ladiesfinger etc. This is the first time I tried making foam stamps and it was lot of fun. Here’s how I made them.

Material required:

  • Foam sheets
  • Marker
  • Scissors/Cutter
  • Glue
  • Bottle caps

♥Draw some shapes of which you want to make stamps on foam sheet

homemade stamps

♥If your foam sheet is thin it is recommended to cut two pieces of each shape then stick those two piece on each other to make it thick. (If your foam is thick, skip this step)

Homemade stamps

♥Stick those shapes on bottle caps. You could also use any other other object instead of bottle caps to create your stampHomemade stampsHomemade stamps

♥Stamps are ready. Take your ink pads and get stamping!

Homemade stampshomemade stamps

I made my own gift wrappers with my homemade stamps, don’t they look pretty? This is such an interesting and fun DIY Ican’t wait to create more and more stamping projects with my own stamps.Homemade stampHomemade stamps

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