Another makeover…Trunk it is!

I found this very old aluminium trunk at home which appeared to be very useful to me for storage purpose but of course I was not to keep it as it is in my room. You can see it’s image below, it certainly needed a makeover. So here’s what I did to the trunk.

Material required:

  • Cream oil paint
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Masking tape.


This is how the trunk looked before.


♥Wipe the trunk clean and dustless.

♥Paint it with the cream oil paint, I gave 3 coats of the oil paint. I suggest to give at least two coats of paint whenever painting an object to get a real rich and opaque look unless you want to give translucent or other different effect.



♥Let it dry outdoor for whole day

♥ Stick the masking tape on trunk in desired pattern. You can stick it like mine, I made “V” type of pattern on my trunk.


♥Paint in the gaps between masking tape with yellow acrylic paint. I gave two coats of yellow paint.


♥Peel off the tape once the paint has dried.


♥For the handle and latches I used bronze  color, gold would also look could but I decided to stick to bronze.TRUNK

This is how the trunk looks now, looks so fresh and pretty.



Lot of my craft supplies can sit in this trunk now and it also looks good and beautiful in my room. This was so easy you need not be an artist to do this, with masking tape you can create numerous patterns.

So if you have any old furniture like this  bring it back to life and make it pretty.

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One thought on “Another makeover…Trunk it is!

  1. This is brilliant. I loved those funky colours that you have used for the tute. Looking out to see more from you 🙂

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