DIY: Clay Pentagon decors

These small pentagon shaped clay decor are so easy to make and also look so beautiful. I want to make lot of these they’ll definitely add colors to a boring corner.



Material required

  • Air dry clay
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Parchment paper





Take desired colored clay and knead it well to make it soft. I took really light shades of Pink, Orange and Yellow

Use parchment paper while working on clay.

Clay pentagon decor


Flatten the clay I simply used my hand and pressed it. It should not be very thin.

Clay pentagon decor

Start shaping the clay with your hands, give it a shape of a round plate first.


Clay pentagon decor

Clay pentagon decorNow pinch the edges at five different points with equal distance to form a pentagon shape refer the images. Also smooth out the baseĀ  accordingly.


Clay pentagon decor

Let your clay harden completely mine took one whole day to dry.


CLay pentagon decor

Clay pentagon decor

Next paint the inside of pentagons with darker shades of their respective colors wit acrylic paint then make any design or pattern on the outer sides of the pentagon. I simply made small black dotted flowers all over it.

Clay pentagon decor

Clay pentagon decor Clay pentagon decor

I really like how colorful and festive they look. They could just be placed as decors around the house or can be used as tealight candle holders actually I see myself making lot of these for Diwali they would make great diwali gifts as well. I hope you all like this diy.





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