DIY: Shoebox To Faux Basket


Each one of us have shoe boxes lying at home and some of us crafty people already have given them makeover. If you haven’t used your boxes and they are sitting somewhere in your home here is a little DIY for you (I’ll definitely post more of these) . Boxes are great for a LOT of things like organizers, knickknack holders, gifting purposes, small home decors  so much more.

Material required:

  • Shoe box without lid
  • Nylon Rope
  • Foam sheet
  • Satin fabric
  • Scotch Spray Adhesive/Hot Glue
  • Scissors.





Spray some scotch adhesive on the box and wrap the nylon rope around the box. Leave few inches uncovered towards the top of box.



IMG_20160705_190327042Place foam sheets at the bottom of the box stick them with adhesive.




Cover the inside of the box (the bottom as well as sides) with satin fabric measure and cut the fabric according to  size of your box.  I used scotch spray adhesive to stick fabric to the box. Then I used the same fabric to create a lining at the top of the box. I also folded and glued the edges of the cloth so it didn’t have any threads coming out before creating the lining.

IMG_20160705_195114947Here’s a peek of  how the inside of my box looked like.



And this how the lining of my box looks like.


Faux Basket is ready. Looks beautiful right? We could use this basket for so many purposes like gifting,storage, decors etc.





You could also hang this basket above your work space to store your supplies.

It’s not necessary to use nylon rope I used it only because I already had spare left with me. Different types oftwines or jute twine will also make beautiful baskets.

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