Paper Floral Wreath

Paper crafting is so much fun and so is this project paper floral wreath you will be reading below. It’s very easy to make no special artistry skills required anyone can do. Bit of stamping, bit of coloring and bit of cutting…and you’ll be done.

Material Required:

  • White cardstock
  • Floral stamp set and inkpad
  • Colors (Color pencils,sketchpens or any of your choice)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided foam tape


♦ Select a floral stamp set containing different size flowers. You can see below in the image stamps set I used.Floral wreath

♦Stamp all different flowers on the cardstock with any color ink. I used green inkpad but I did end up tracing border of some flowers with black marker.Floral wreathFloral wreath

♦ I stamped 4 to 5 big and small flowers, I also stamped few leaves.Floral wreath

♦Now that you are done stamping fill your pretty flowers with some lovely colors. Use any type of colors you like. I worked with both sketchpens as well as color pencils.

Floral wreath

♦Cut all the flowers and leaves from cardstock. Don’t cut exactly on the borders leave some distance from the border and cut. Floral wreath

♦Arrange all cut-outs together to form a wreath with their edges overlapping. Then, using double sided foam tape stick those overlapping edges of all cut-outs. I like the pop-up effect that foam adhesive gives if you don’t want this effect, you could use paper glue or pins to attach the cutouts.Floral wreath

Floral wreath

Paper floral wreath is ready. So easy to make right? I wish to make numbers of these and put together all on one wall that would make for one statement wall or a gorgeous backdrop for any event.

Floral wreath

Floral wreath

Below you can see I colored one wreath with sketchpens and the other with color pencils.

Floral wreath

If not on walls and doors, this could be placed on tables and used as table decors.

Floral Wreath



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