Wallpapered Wooden Trunk- D.I.Y

I have this small very old wooden trunk (very good storage option for crafts supplies) which looked very boring and dull. It certainly needed to be made look good and so I wallpapered it and now not only does it look good but also makes a great decor piece.


Material Required: Wallpapered trunk Wallpapered trunk

  • Wallpaper
  • Scotch Spray adhesive
  • Scissors/ Paper Cutter


Before starting remove any latch or hinge from the trunk it’ll make it easier to work. If they can’t be removed then while pasting the wallpaper you’ll have to cut out the piece of paper that would cover any such hinge with the paper cutter.

♦ To start take a piece of wallpaper approximately of the size of the surface where you are going to stick it. I started from the top of the trunk. It’s always good to stick wallpapers piece by piece and surface by surface -meaning paste one piece of paper on one surface and trim the excess paper from the edge if any instead of folding it on the edges (like gift wrapping process)Wallpapered trunk


♦Spray the adhesive on the trunk’s surface and then position the wallpaper piece on it. Smooth out the paper nicely with our hands. Since I sprayed the adhesive on the trunk and not on paper there were no wrinkles on paper and it took no effort to smooth out the paper.

♦Trim off the excess paper if any from the edges of the trunk.It won’t be difficult at all.

IMG_20160805_200315244Wallpapered trunk

♦After the top I repeated this with all four sides of trunk but i did not cut the excess paper hanging downwards immediately. Only after completing four sides  I turned my trunk upside down and covered the bottom part with the excess hanging wallpaper from all sides as bottom part is never visible.

Wallpapered trunk Wallpapered trunk







Wallpapered trunk

Wallpapered trunk








♦I turned the trunk upside down and folded the excess paper hanging from the edges from sides. There was still uncovered space in center I covered it with all trimmed off excess wallpaper pieces as it will never be seen.Wallpapered trunk Wallpapered trunkWallpapered trunk


♦Just to match the wallpaper I painted the hinges and latches silver.Wallpapered trunk

And this was the final result. I left the inside as it is I didn’t want to completely do away with it’s wood appearance.Wallpapered trunk Wallpapered trunk Wallpapered trunk Wallpapered trunk

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