Kite Garland

Hello! Today I’m sharing a fun DIY project. I made this for Makar sankranti celebration at home. In India Makar Sankranti is incomplete without kites! It is a kite flying festival here. I was short on time and the easiest way to make some decoration at home were these kite garlands.  Choose some bright and funky colors to make your kites and use them for any parties or fun events.


  • Colorful Kite Papers
  • Tick and Stiff Twine
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick
  • Pencil
  • First you’ll  need too cut lots of small squares from the kite paper. I just went on folding the paper in haves and cut squares from it. You can see in the images.


  • I cut squares of different colors. Kite Garland


  • Then cut tiny lot of tiny triangles to make the tail of  kite.Kite Garland


  • Apply glue at one corner of the square and paste a piece of triangle on it. I did not use same color as the kite for it’s tail, using different color makes the garland more colorful an fun.Kite GarlandKite Garland


  • Now apply glue vertically through the center of kite and stick your twine. Do the same on all kites.Kite GarlandKite Garland


  • Next apply glue horizontally and stick your twine but to give it proper look of kite stick twine as shown in the image. Don’t cut this twine continue it on to other kites horizontally leaving some space between every two kites. Kite GarlandKite Garland

You can make vertical kite hangings also simply continue sticking your twine vertically on to the kites one below another with some space and without cutting the twine.

Also leave some extra twine on both ends of your garland so you hang or stick it anywhere.

  • You can further decorate your kite with any design, glitter etc. I simply pressed the glue stick on each kite and sprinkled some gold glitter it and dusted off the excess. The Glitter took nice round shape of glue stick, two such rounds on each kite was sufficient for me.Kite GarlandKite GarlandKite Garland

There your garland is ready.Kite GarlandKite GarlandKite GarlandKite GarlandKite GarlandKite Garland


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Last Modified on January 24, 2017
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