About the Blog

Welcome to Raisa’s Colorful Leaves

At Raisa’s Colorful Leaves you’ll find D.I.Y Ideas related to home, gifts, stationery etc.

If you like to create handmade things or  you like to beautify and decorate your home then at Raisa’s Colorful leaves you’ll find ideas and tutorials to get you started.


About Me

I’m Raisa from India, a Commerce and Law student

I love crafting and therefore I started this blog to share all that I create with everyone.

I love stationery and craft supplies and shopping for them is uncontrollable for me. I can never have enough of them (even if it’s a small green eraser!).

I hope this blog will help everyone at least a bit in their crafting adventures.



Feel free to contact me at raisag9@gmail.com

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